ASUW Student Senate Intern Application 2018 - 2019
The ASUW Student Senate intern learns about and assists the Senate Speaker and Membership Coordinator with volunteer outreach, recruitment, coordination, retention, and training for the Student Senate. Interns will have office hours to work on tasks and will be responsible for attending Student Senate staff meetings. While the Student Senate Interns (2) will work together on projects as necessary, they will choose to specialize in either external affairs or internal affairs. Interns will be expected to carry out 1-2 personal projects throughout the year along with goals and evaluations at the beginning and the end of each quarter, respectively, during their internship.

Title: ASUW Student Senate Intern
Category: ASUW Independent Entity
Reports to: Senate Speaker
Term: 21 weeks
Hours: 3-6 hours a week for Autumn, Winter & Spring

Full Internship Description:

This application will be due by November 27th. Contact us with any questions at

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