PCI Committees Interest Form
PCI is starting a new initiative this year where we are starting an after school NSBE program. The times are not yet determined but this form is only to gauge interest of people who would be interested for one of the two committees.

Committee 1: Soldiers
You will be the ones going into the school to execute the activities. You would need your clearances for this.

Committee 2: Ideals
You will be the ones creating the activity ideas or any ideas in general for these after school programs, whether it be panels, engineering demonstrations, guest speakers, whatever you decided will benefit the kids and motivate them to achieve their full potential
I am interested in committee 1: Soldiers *
I am interested in committee 2: Ideals *
I have my Criminal Record and Child Abuse Clearances *
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Pitt Email *
Are you available on weekdays after 1:30 PM for max two hours? *
Are you available on Sundays at 5 for committee meeting? *
Off-Topic- I am available September 29th from 9-10 am to help with an event *
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