Windermere Beach Club Lifeguard Application
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1. Applicant Name *
2. Date of Birth *
3. Preferred email address *
4. Phone number *
5. Current School *
6. Current grade: *
7. Are you seeking full-time (32-40 hrs/wk) or part-time (8-24 hrs/wk) employment? *
8. Do you have previous lifeguarding experience? *
9. Date that your Lifeguard/CPR certification EXPIRES *
Example: December 15, 2023
10. The Lifeguarding season will run from early June to Labor Day.  What days of the week can you commit to being available for this summer? *
Check all that apply
11. Do you have any known dates where you will be unavailable to work (vacations, out of town, sports camp or tournament, etc)? Please provide dates. *
12. WBC will be closing after Labor Day weekend. Will you be available to work over the holiday weekend? If not, please provide the last available date you are able to work. *
13. WBC is open during holidays such as 4th of July and Labor Day weekend. Will you be available to work at least one of these holidays? *
14. Why are you interested in a lifeguard position at WBC? What experiences make you a good fit? *
15. From the following list, please select THREE of your strengths:
Strength (choose 3)
Still growing (choose 1)
Strong Problem Solver
Excellent water skills
Outgoing with others (beach patrons)
Handles criticism well
Confronts those who are in the wrong
Strong communication skills
Often the first person to lead/help/start working on a problem
Enjoys being outside and working hard
Clear selection
16. From the list above, tell us more about one of the strengths you selected and how it would serve you at WBC. *
17. From the list above, tell us about an area where you are still growing/seeking to improve. *
18.  What are some of the most important characteristics that a lifeguard should have when they are out on duty? *
19.  Can you describe how you take care of yourself throughout your shift to maintain your alertness? *
Thank you for applying for a lifeguard position at WBC! If you haven't done so already, please send a copy of your resume and your Lifeguard/CPR/First Aid Certification to
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