Valor Open Letter Signing
Dear Leadership of Valor Christian High School:

The Valor alumni community is deeply concerned with recent news of the forced resignations of Inoke Tonga and Lauren Benner over their sexual orientation. News of this reprehensible action has been accompanied by an outpouring of testimonies from current and former students about a culture of bullying, harassment, and abuse that has been facilitated and even perpetrated by Valor faculty, staff, and leadership against its LGBTQ+ community. The content of these testimonies has broken our hearts and rendered us ashamed of our alma mater’s treatment of these students.

After repeated failed efforts by Valor alumni to gain a meeting or even a phone conversation to make our voices heard and open the door for positive change, the Valor alumni community has decided to issue this condemnatory letter to Valor Christian High School. Valor’s actions towards its LGBTQ community do not reflect the love or teachings of Christ, but rather claim the love of Jesus to administer mental and emotional abuse as a means of ‘salvation.’

While we respect religious beliefs and protections, no one - let alone a follower of Christ - should be allowed to subject children to mental and emotional trauma or rob them of their sense of worthiness, value, or salvation for who they are based on those beliefs.

Unless Valor changes course and takes meaningful steps to correct itself, heal wounds, and create a more Christ-like culture rooted in love and acceptance, the Valor alumni community refuses to aid in any philanthropic efforts of Valor and actively discourages any enrollment or donations. Many of us have fond memories of our time there, while many more have had to heal from the trauma inflicted on them in the name of Christianity at this school. Valor has a place in all of our hearts and we want it to be better; however, we cannot in good conscience support Valor financially, spiritually, or morally anymore unless things change.

To all current and former members of the Valor LGBTQ+ community, you are not alone. Valor is wrong about you. The alumni community stands with you. You are worthy of God’s love.

Concerned Valor Community
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