-------The Golfing Grads of USMA --------- 30th Annual Golf Tournament --

The purpose of this survey is to get your inputs for the 2018 Golfing Grads Tournament that will be held at
World Golf Village, St Augustine, FL..

The survey is divided into four parts:

Part 1 - Personal Information - This is where you provide data needed for reservations, teaming, etc
Part 2 - Package & Options - Here you indicate your standard package choice and any options.
Part 3 - Golf Info - This is where you provide the info we need to organize the golf games.
Part 4 – Conclusion - Here you can add any comments or suggestions.

Several questions are mandatory. You must complete these to continue thru the survey.

You can refer back to the Registration Brochure at any time if you want to refresh your memory about any of the items.

Anyone playing golf must complete their own Survey so that we have reservation info and data needed to organize the golf games.

An attendee who is not playing golf does not need to complete a separate survey. For example, if you are rooming with a non-player and you are paying for the room for both of you, e.g., your spouse, the additional guest does not need to complete a separate survey. .

To make a small change in your registration, send a message to golfinggrads@cfl.rr.com.
To make major changes, use the same link you used before.
This will take you to a new blank survey form.
Complete the new survey and submit.
Surveys submitted are time stamped and we will use the latest submit for record.

If you have any questions or additional comments contact us at


Thanks for your help.