Fairbnb.coop - Project pre registration
This form is to express your interest to get your social project listed on the Fairbnb platform and get funded by travellers using it.

In order to get funded projects will have to:
A) be intended to help residents and/or promote sustainable tourism.
B) be linked to the same community / location where the guest / funder will travel to
C) the recipient of the grants will have to be a legal entity that will provide accountability and inform the platform and the funders on the state of the project.

For each community will be set priorities in agreement with local groups of activists and municipalities therefore we cannot assure that your application will be considered immediately eligible or not eligible at all.
In any case a request of more detailed informations will follow this pre-registration once we are ready to launch the portal in your neighborood.
If you have multiple projects in the same city or in different cities you will have to fill a new form for each project/city.

**IMPORTANT**. In order to make sure that your neighborood has a chance to get its project approved we need Hosts in the same neighborhood to join Fairbnb.coop too. They can do that by pre-registerig at : https://beta.fairbnb.coop/
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