SciREN lesson plan kit order form
Please note that you must be a member of the SciREN portal to order a lesson plan kit. At this time, lesson plan kits can only be sent to educators in North Carolina. Kits contain materials not typically found in a classroom that are legal and cost-efficient to ship through the USPS. For these reasons they may not contain every material necessary for the lesson. Detailed lists of kit supplies can be found at:
To continue, please confirm that you are an educator in North Carolina. *
If you provide a shipping address outside of NC, your order will not be filled.
In exchange for receiving your free lesson plan kit, we ask that you fill out a brief survey evaluating the lesson after using it in your classroom. *
The link to this survey will be emailed to you after you order a lesson plan kit. These data help us recruit funding for SciREN and find ways to improve our lesson plans.
Which kit are you interested in ordering? *
The full lesson plans for each kit can be found by browsing the SciREN portal. Kits may not include supplies that are common household objects (such as rubber bands) and can be sourced from students, or that are relatively cheap and are too large to ship cost-effectively (e.g. plastic cups). Please review the full lesson plan materials list with this in mind. The list can be found at:
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