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The Creative Action Center of Online Open Source Networks

The CACOON is an online and offline community development network and learning center that connects individuals who have similar visions of social change. Members form collaborative communities and crowd source and crowd fund their talents, skills and resources to support the development of conscious businesses and innovations that benefit humanity. The primary aim of CACOON is to self-empower change makers by providing them with the environment and necessary to innovate new social systems and business models that support self-sufficiency and alleviate poverty in local in local communities


We are currently a collective group of visionary change makers, social entreprenuers and spiritualists dedicated to the co-creating of new systems and technologies that will self empower and inspire individuals and local communities to realize their infinite abundance and transform their world into a higher Consciousness that will result in a New Economy.

Please answer the questions below as best as you can so that we can learn how to best serve and co create with you.

Your First and Last Name
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If you could do anything you wanted to do without having to be concerned about finances what would you be doing ?
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What is your main project/vision/creative work that are you working on or would like to see come to fruition
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Describe what level of funding you need for your main project, vision, creative work
Your Business- Answer if you run your own business or do freelance work
Describe what level of funding you need
Personal Basic Needs
To live a life full and " Abundant" what level of resources do you need to live and not stress?
Name the Top three Archetype Creator Roles you feel you emody the most.
CHOOSE ONLY THREE - # ONE being the most and # THREE being the least of your talents.
Social Scientists- They envision the future by seeing patterns in society, technology and economics. Able to orchestrate the moving of a culture from an old paradigm to a new one.
Facilitates connections -sees the broad picture to connect others
Story Teller
Artist, videographers, actors, editors , graphic designers.-Give visual story to a vision.
Dreamers-Visualizers and Futurists , broad picture thinker that envision systems and can reorganize them -multi taskers and empathizers
They Make it happen-Detailed and organized thinkers -able to organize thoughts and visions into easy to understand language and story.
Perfector-Refiners-Eagle eye evaluators- see the micro and can see the problems but also provide solutions .
See things in artistic and organizational patterns. Architects- Product design-System Designer etc.
Ability to take a design or pattern and translate into a tangible product,service or solution.
Natural translators of Information who can inspire and broadcast a story in various forms.
In the CACOON- Members form sharing and cooperative communities in order to share resources and solve social problems, through the development and support of social impact business called CREATIVE ACTION CENTERS.

The Creative Action Centers are open source community co-operatives that are developed in co creation with local communities to support their desires and needs. The Action Centers are organized into seven sectors that are designed to integrate as a whole sustained system within the New Economy. Community co-operatives collaborate in the CACOON online platform to form networks within the Action Centers in order share information and collectively solve local and global problems.

Which of these 7 Action Centers interest you.
HEALTH-Dental and Medicinal Centers
Local and retired and practicing dentists and healers travel to local communities to provide their talents and skills in dentistry and integrative medicinal practices.
EDUCATION-New Voices Learning Center
Experiential learning centers utilizing Eco tourism, traveling market and research think tank sessions that focus on solving social impact issues such as renewable energy, open source technology, health systems, housing and food and water systems.
Impact agriculture and experiential food as medicine education. A Collaboration with local communities through experiential education that teaches local chefs, artisans and families the healing and community connection of food
Local fabrication and production co-operatives that operate as one Eco- system with other micro companies. The focus is on utilizing local resources to develop low carbon footprint products for local communities.
Renovated buildings converted into local theater and gaming centers to support local, regional and global films and innovative technologies produced by CACOON members.
A hostel and bed and breakfast hybrid. Haus provides co working and co-operative living spaces for social entrepreneurs. The traveling social entrepreneurs to live for short or longer periods of time in a local community
ARTIST LEAD COMMUNITIES- Intentional Communities
Intentional Communities that have integrated all aspects of the Creative Action Centers DNA into fully developed and planned communities in a local area. These Intentional Community centers will be able to communicate and exchange resources with other Integrated communities. Integration Communities will provide local regions with a prototype of the New Economy and community living that focus on-Innovation think tanks, social impact business development integrative technology, health systems, housing, perpetual energy and food and water systems.
We are looking for these skills and talents to co create
Please list any skills you feel you have to contribute to a community.
Location of Podcast Interview
KBOO Community Radio
20 SE 8th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214
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