Thoughts of a Slayer - Music & Artwork Promotion Requests
Hello. Thank you for reaching out this request form.

This form was built for artists to send their work to be featured in the channel, Thoughts of a Slayer.

When you request a promotional video, you're also allowing the channel to monetize the video containing your work.

The following order shows the Epic Music subgenres we prioritize to upload:
-- Battle, action, aggressive;
-- Heroic, powerful;
-- Electronic, sound design (not EDM);
-- Dark, suspense;
-- Uplifting, happy.

Submitted tracks must follow a Trailer, Cinematic or Soundtrack composition structure.

Submitted artworks must be at least 1080p, 16:9 aspect ratio. Should, but not restricted to, follow the style and aesthetic of previous featured artworks.

Please understand that we don't work with submission queues. Our promotion selection is made accordingly to:
-- What style of music/artwork the channel needs to upload next;
-- If submitted work is aligned to our focused subgenres (check above);
-- Level of composition and production.

For all promotion requests, we are going to review your submission before deciding if it's going to be promoted or not. After your work is accepted, we'll send a Permission Agreement to your email to ensure you give our channel, proper rights to distribute and monetize your work. The distribution and monetization are restricted to major platforms such as YouTube. If you have already signed our agreement, just check below: "I've already signed the agreement."

A different Permission Agreement might be created in the future specifically for Artwork Promotions. For now, Illustrators won't need to sign a document, but this doesn't exclude them for giving permission to use their submitted work.

The monetization of submitted works is important to:
-- Keep the channel well and running;
-- Allow other artists to submit their work for free.

If this is your first contact with ToaS, not having your submitted track registered on major platforms like: iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc... Will drastically reduce your chances in getting promoted. We prefer working with registered songs to make sure your submission is legit. If your track isn't registered in any of the mentioned platforms, please make efforts to prove you're the official creator. We'll verify the authenticity of your work. In case of a fake submission, it'll be reported to the official creator and obviously not uploaded to the channel.

In case your submission is rejected, we'll try to get in contact to explain the reason of it.

The email "" can also receive requests, but we are going to prioritize the list made by this form.

~ Thank you very much for reading and for submitting your work. ~
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For Artwork Promotions only : Check below that You give permission to use your artworks, or if you already gave permission in the past.
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