Pre-Screen Questionnaire for Money Mindset Coaching with Simone Craig
Please answer the questions below to see if we're a good fit to work together in my 6-Month beta private coaching program. Thank you! ~ Simone Craig
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Are you willing and able to share with me your monthly financial results, and feedback about this beta program, during this 6 month process? *
Please tell me about you and your business. *
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What do you want to achieve financially in the next 6 months, and why do you want to achieve it? (Answering Why is very important.) *
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What is your business strategy (a breakdown of how many programs & services you plan to sell and at what price) to achieve your 6-Month financial goal? *
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Are you willing to execute daily visualizations through meditation? *
Are you willing to recite daily affirmations? *
What other resources (i.e. programs, services, books, etc.) have you invested in to have the results you want in your business? *
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I'm only accepting 5 people into this beta private coaching offering. Share with me why I should choose you. *
Feel free to add any additional information here that you feel is important for me to know about you and/or your business.
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