KUSD Beginning Band Registration (open to KUSD 5th graders)

The Kenosha Unified School District is excited to offer band instruction to your 5th grade student!

Research shows that studying a musical instrument makes kids smarter! Statistics show that it teaches self-discipline and cooperation with others, improves connections to other subjects, and builds confidence.

*** NEXT, you and your child will ATTEND ONE of the PARENT MEETING
(either Wednesday, September 14 or Thursday, September 15).
At this meeting your child will hear all of the instruments performed and you will gain valuable information as to how you can assist your child in achieving the most success in their new musical adventure.
You will also sign up for the most important part of the process, a ONE ON ONE PLACEMENT APPOINTMENT in which your child will try the instruments with the guidance of a band director. This will help us determine which instrument best fits YOUR child's personal physical and personality traits. It is critical that we find the instrument that best suits their individual needs!

Placement appointments will then be held at the following schools:
Friday, September 16, at Lincoln Middle School, 6729 - 18th Avenue
Monday, September 19, at Lance Middle School, 4515 - 80th Street
Wednesday, September 21, at Bullen Middle School, 2804 - 39th Avenue
Friday, September 23, at Washington Middle School, 811 – Washington Road

Should you have further questions. Please contact your school's band director:
Bose - Karl Mueller (kmueller@kusd.edu)
Brass - Randy Rovik (rrovik@kusd.edu)
Brompton - TBA
DOL - Geoff Poole (gpoole@kusd.edu)
EBSOLA -Katie Poole (kpoole@kusd.edu) & Brittany Sebetic (bsebetic@kusd.edu)
Forest Park - Jeremy Kriedeman (jkriedem@kusd.edu)
Frank - Geoff Poole (gpoole@kusd.edu)
Grant - Lucas Dickinson (ldickins@kusd.edu)
Grewenow - Randy Rovik (rrovik@kusd.edu)
Harvey - Lucas Dickinson (ldickins@kusd.edu)
Jefferson - Lucas Dickinson (ldickins@kusd.edu)
Jeffrey -Kristie Kruse (kkruse@kusd.edu)
KTEC - Leslie Cook (lcook@kusd.edu)
McKinley - Karl Mueller (kmueller@kusd.edu) & Geoff Poole (gpoole@kusd.edu)
Nash - Kristie Kruse (kkruse@kusd.edu) & Brittany Sebetic (bsebetic@kusd.edu)
Pleasant Prairie - Kristie Kruse (kkruse@kusd.edu)
Prairie Lane - Jeremy Kriedeman (jkriedem@kusd.edu)
Roosevelt - Geoff Poole (gpoole@kusd.edu)
Somers - Katie Poole (kpoole@kusd.edu)
Southport - TBA
Stocker - Brittany Sebetic (bsebetic@kusd.edu)
Strange - Brittany Sebetic (bsebetic@kusd.edu)
Vernon - Leslie Cook (lcook@kusd.edu)
Whittier -Jeremy Kriedeman (jkriedem@kusd.edu)
Wilson - TBA

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