Top design requested for Mind the Step 2018
Mind the Step provides a unique opportunity to present your design and research results to a wider audience. Last year, over 85,000 people visited the exhibition. The 9-day event guarantees truly amazing exposure, offering fantastic opportunities for the exhibitors. Mind the Step is organized by TU/e and Design United 4TU Research Centre, and is part of the Dutch Design Week. Deze vindt plaats van 20 t/m 28 oktober.

We’re looking for entries that: tell a powerful story, contribute to societal solutions, demonstrate the application of technology, are based on or build on research, can be easily explained, in practical terms are sufficiently robust, and have been designed and built with care. To get a clear picture of your project, design or concept, movies, images and reports can highly support your application. Include them if available, if not indicate when they will be ready.

Register before May 1, 2018. Make extremely clear what your project is about! Each registration will be evaluated by a selection committee. Please read the Call for Entries website for more information.

If there are any questions or remarks, please contact us at

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