Build Your Empire Pre-Questionnaire
We, Carmen and Deirdre, are excited to guide you through the process of building your empire! Before we can do that we need to learn a little about you. Please answer the questions below and be as detailed as possible so we can get a feel for where you are in your journey. We can't wait to meet you!
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What is your big dream? Don't leave anything out.
How committed are you to do whatever it takes to start your business?
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Are there any obstacles that stand in your way? How can we avoid these obstacles or what needs to be done to navigate them?
What's your biggest challenge regarding starting your business?
Are you the ultimate decision-maker, or do you have a partner?
What, if any, business experience do you have?
What would you view as a successful outcome of working with us?
What is your budget and when do you want to start?
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