Thank you for your participation in the research for my new book: SKILL THE LABOR GAP: the Blueprint for Recruiting, Hiring, and Training the Skilled Labor You Need Today.
This survey will focus on the struggles you face in finding the employees you need for your construction business, the techniques you use to recruit new employees, and the tools that you use to train them.

It should only take a few minutes to fill out.

I left a "COMMENTS & QUESTIONS" section at the end.

Feel free to let me know what you think or ask anything you want.

If you would be interested in being interviewed for the "CASE STUDIES" section of the book, please check "YES" to the CASE STUDY question at the end of the survey.


Thanks in advance. - Shawn Van Dyke

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How many Employees are at your company? *
Include Full and Part-Time Employees
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What is your projected Total Revenue this year? *
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What is your biggest pain in hiring new employees? *
Lis the thing that if were solved or went away, then you life would be easier.
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What is your biggest fear in hiring a new employee? *
If you have never hired a new employee, what is your biggest fear in hiring your first employee?
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When looking for new employees, what is the FIRST resource you use to solicit applications? *
Examples could be: word of mouth, your network, social media, paid advertisements, job boards, etc. If your first source is social media, please list the specific social media channel.
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How long have you been using this resource? *
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How many employees have you hired through this resource? *
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In general, what type of information do you require a new applicant to submit? *
Example: Resume, cover letter, Company Application, Portfolio of Work, etc.
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What is the one thing you wish every new employee knew how to do on the first day? *
List the thing that that you are sick and tired of teaching/training new employees...the thing you think they should already know OR the thing they always tell you they do know but don't.
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What type of training program do you have at your company? This could be on-the-job, company wide trainings, off-site/trade show, or 3-rd party training, etc. *
If you do not have a training program, list the one type of training that you would like to implement in your company.
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How much time do you think an employee should spend in training for his/her job? *
List the number of hours per year for an employee for all forms of training.
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Employee Training should be... *
(select the answer that most closely reflects your opinion)
In what areas of employee training do you focus most of your efforts? *
If you don't have employee training, select the area in which you think you would focus your employee training.
In what types of programs are YOU currently RECEIVING training? *
If you are not in any training programs, then just write "NONE" below.
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What "TOOLS" do you use to communicate the career paths within your company? *
This could be anything like an ORG CHART, business plan, or employee manual. List the things you have used to help employees understand where they are going. If you don't have any tools, write "I DON'T HAVE ANY BUT I THINK I WOULD USE..." and complete that sentence.
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What one trait or characteristic do you think is THE MOST IMPORTANT for an employee at your company to posses? *
If you need some help...try this...Think about your best employee. What is the one thing he/she does better than anyone else that you wish you could multiply?
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How much do you think a company should invest per year per employee in training? *
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Would you be interested in being interviewed for my new book and possible inclusion as a Case Study? *
If you answered "YES" above, please describe a VICTORY or FAILURE you have had in regards to hiring and training new employees.
List something that you think would be helpful to others or that others should avoid.
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What questions do you have for me? What additional comments do you have?
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Thank you for participating in the research for my new book. Participants in this survey will receive a FREE DRAFT COPY of the book prior to publishing.
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