DORM Reports 2019
Utilize your own interactions with the camper, as well as your observations of their interactions with other campers and staff to provide meaningful insight into the camper's development.
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How is the camper engaging with his dorm mates and other campers and staff? Is he quiet and keeps to himself, or is he an extrovert and a leader?
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Work Ethic
How does the camper approach duties and other shared responsibilities?
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In the Dining Hall
How are the camper's manner? Is he a picky eater? How is his behavior in the dining hall?
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How is the camper on the trail? Do they enjoy trips?
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Camper Engagement: *
Is the camper engaged in the Mowglis program? Why or why not?
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Camper Happiness: *
Does the camper appear to be enjoying themselves?
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Change from last week? *
What kind of change is this from last week?
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