Workshop Registration form for Exploring Deep Oceanic Crust off Hawaii: Online workshop for IODP 951-Full proposal development
Co-chairs: Susumu Umino (Kanazawa Univ.) and Greg Moore (Univ. Hawaii)

Date and Time: June 30 (Tue) – July 3 (Fri), 2020
(A) 14:00-16:00 JST (UTC+9) / 06:00-08:00 BST (UTC+1)/ 01:00-03:00 EDT (UTC-4) / 19:00-21:00 HST (UTC-10)
(B) 23:00-25:00 JST / 15:00-17:00 BST/ 10:00-12:00 EDT / 04:00-06:00 HST
(Wrap-up) 8:30-11:00 JST / 0:30-3:00 BST/ 19:30-22:00 EDT / 13:30-16:00 HST

Registration deadline: 17:00 (JST), Sun Jun 21, 2020
Over the past five decades, exploring a complete sequence of the oceanic crust through the Mohorovičić discontinuity and into the uppermost mantle has been one of the most challenging missions for scientific ocean drilling. In the long-range vision of the 2050 Science Framework, deep scientific ocean drilling with emerging drilling and logging technologies—Probing the Deep Earth— will be one of the five flagship initiatives. This scientific and technological challenge will provide humankind a pathway to the Earth's more profound realm and extend our fundamental insights into the nature of Earth's deep interior and its geodynamic behavior. Given compelling motivation over a half of century, we would like to develop here a full proposal to explore ~2 km-deep oceanic crust off Hawaii, as a pilot hole-study of the future mantle drilling using the D/V Chikyu.
Workshop Goals
During the online workshop, we will:
1. Discuss scientific objectives/questions, hypotheses, and available approaches based on the background information of 951-Pre proposal entitled “Drilling Middle-Aged Oceanic Crust on North Arch off Hawaii”,
2. Build an international and interdisciplinary proponent team and encourage collaborations therein, and
3. Develop a 951-Full proposal from both science and technology and submit by the October 1st, 2020 deadline.
To respond to the SEP watchdogs’ comments on and recommendations to 951-Pre, we will also discuss how to meet primary scientific objectives during the 2 km-deep crustal drilling, including the construction of a 3-dimensional structure of the oceanic crust by integrating borehole logging and long-term observatory approaches. We also need to design combined operational (drilling/coring and logging) and scientific analytical strategies to maximize scientific outcomes. Prioritizing candidate drill sites based on the new seismic survey data around the Hawaii Islands may also be included as a workshop goal.
Important information
- The workshop will use the ZOOM platform. If you cannot use ZOOM, please contact the meeting organizer.
- We will set up a portal site (Basecamp) where all participants can download relevant materials (e.g., docs, pptx, pre-recorded videos). The basecamp will also be functioned to exchange/store emails.

- PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED to see all the pre-uploaded materials before the workshop since the workshop is purely dedicated to breakout discussions.

- There are two time slots for one discussion item: (A) 14:00-16:00 JST and (B) 23:00-25:00 JST. You can choose one of these to join.
- The breakout discussions focus on identifying scientific objectives/questions, hypotheses, and operational/analytical approaches. The discussion leaders make a summary of the discussions and give a summary presentation at the wrap-up session on Day 4. The workshop co-chairs will summarize the outcomes of the workshop, and make consensus and action items toward the full proposal submission.
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