Henderson ISD Counseling Survey Parent/Guardian
Parents and Guardians,
The counseling staff of HISD would appreciate your input on this survey. You thoughts, ideas, and comments will help guide the district in implementing a comprehensive counseling program which will serve all of the students of HISD. As you look at each section, please consider what you feel would be most beneficial to the campus. Thank you for your time and your attention.
How do you feel about the following statements? *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
I have a clear understanding of the school counselor's role in school.
I believe my child feels comfortable meeting with the school counselor.
The school counselor provides important services to my child.
The school counselor helps students develop socially and emotionally.
Is there a need for these services on your child's campus? *
Not needed
Possibly needed
Greatly needed
Individual school counseling (not therapy)
Small group counseling
Crisis intervention
Parent outreach
Personal safety and prevention
Information on social supports in our district
Information on emotional supports in our district
Information on behavioral supports in our district
Comments on the above section:
Is there a need for counseling services to help with these issues on your child's campus? *
Not needed
Possibly needed
Greatly needed
Respect, Non-violence, Multiculturalism
Social and Relationship Skills
Anger Management
Self Esteem
Grief and Loss
Stress Management
Suicide Prevention
Time Management Skills
In what ways can the school counselor(s) make themselves more accessible to you for issues concerning your child; such as behavioral, medical, parent concerns, scheduling, graduation plans and requirements for the following school year? (check all that apply) *
Would you be willing to attend evening parent meetings to learn about important information regarding your child's education? *
On which campuses do you have children? If they are a ROAR@home students, check the campus where they are enrolled. (Check all that apply) *
Additional Comments/Concerns:
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