Personal Finance Speakers
This Junior Achievement Program has 5 sessions which will be offered through the Senior Economic classes. You will select the class period(s) that best fits your schedule. You will be the guest speaker for those specific time slots you select for the 5 dates listed below.
Speaker Sign-up
Join us in the classroom to talk to high school seniors about their personal finance and management as it pertains to the real world.
A JA representative will provide the training and materials for this program. This program will run from January 11 through February 8.
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Session Dates
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Jan 11
Jan 18
Jan 25
Feb 1
Feb 8
Please select your class time. Remember there will be 5 consecutive dates for the class period you select. These are the Economics class periods. *
Check In Process
Please check in with your driver's license. A name badge will be provided for you. You must wear this badge at all times while on campus.
Thank YOU for sharing your time and expertise with our students and teachers.
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