EthicalAds Community Ads Application
There are a large number of projects, conferences, and initiatives in the software and open source ecosystems. A large number of them operate like Read the Docs did in the past, with almost no income. Our Community Ads program is designed to highlight some of these projects.

We use your email address only to communicate with you about this application and not for any other purpose.
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This is an example of an ad we ran for PyCascades, a regional Python conference
Qualifications for your project, conference or initiative
Your organization and the linked site must not be enticing visitors to buy a product or service. We make an exception for conferences around open source projects if they are run not for profit and soliciting donations for open source projects. Our community ads program is not for marketing for-profit support services on top of open source. Please consider our paid advertising.

A software project must have an OSI approved license.

We will not run a community ad for an organization tied to one of our paid advertisers.
Details of your community ad
What is the name of your project, conference, or initiative? *
What kind of initiative is it? *
Do you have a specific date you'd like to promote before?
For a conference, this would be the start date of the conference.
Text to go with your advertisement *
100 characters or less
URL where you'd like users to go when they click on the ad *
For a conference or project, this is probably the conference or project homepage. You may include query parameters so you know the traffic came from Read the Docs.
Is there a specific geographic area you would like to focus on with your ad?
This is usually a specific list of countries or regions
Image to go with your advertisement
For a conference or project, this should be the conference or project logo. This should be a URL and the image should be 240*180px (it's displayed at 120*90px) or it will be reduced to those dimensions.
Thanks for applying to our community ads program
The turnaround time for the application is usually just a few days. If you have any questions about our community ads program, you can always email
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