Synavrio Submission - Initial Review
Pursuant to Business & Information Technology Club Policy, students own the copyright to the artwork they create and submit for publication in any club materials. The Business & Information Technology Club is seeking your permission to publicly display reproductions of your artwork and/or research on a publicly accessible website and in publicly available print publications.

You retain ownership of all rights under copyright in all versions of the article, and all rights not expressly granted in this agreement.

You further warrant that:

The article is original, has not been formally published in any other peer-reviewed journal or in a book or edited collection, and is not under consideration for any such publication.

You are the sole author(s) of the article, and that you have a complete and unencumbered right to make the grants you make.

The article does not libel anyone, invade anyone’s copyright or otherwise violate any statutory or common law right of anyone, and that you have made all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of any factual information contained in the article. You agree to indemnify the publisher against any claim or action alleging facts which, if true, constitute a breach of any of the foregoing warranties or other provisions of this agreement, as well as against any related damages, losses, liabilities, and expenses incurred by the publisher.

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