Survey of Needs and Expectations for Peer Education Service for Chinese International Students in the US
A peer refers to someone who belongs to the same societal group especially based on their age, grade, or status (Merriam-Webster). We are a group of people, just like you, who arrived in this foreign land with different cultural backgrounds, trying our best to explore, experience, and adapt to this new environment and thrive, despite the odds. We pay special attention to the mental health wellbeing, and we aim to develop a peer education program to provide support to the Chinese speaking international students. Through education, mentorship and outreach on various college student health topics, peer mentors/educators equip their peers to practice healthy living to help them achieve success in college.
With this survey, we hope to have the opportunity to hear your voice, opinions, and experiences as an international student. Every individual voice counts and matters to us.

This survey contains measures of acculturative stress, stress coping method, understanding, and expectation for the peer education program, and demographic information.

We immensely value each and every response and would greatly appreciate if you could spend 10 minutes of your time to provide us with a response to all our questions. There are no right or wrong answers. For us to really learn about your precious opinions and experiences, we humbly ask that you answer the questions as honestly as possible.

All of the information you provide will be kept confidential. Participation is voluntary. If you are willing to volunteer for this survey to provide your valuable experience and opinion that could help us develop the peer education program. Please enter your email and click “I agree” below (you must indicate consent in order to go on to the next page).
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