Host an OpenNebula TechDay - 2019
Are you interested in hosting an OpenNebula TechDay? Fantastic! We'd love to work with you!

Please review the below guidelines, complete this form and do not hesitate to contact us at if you have questions or comments.


The OpenNebula Cloud TechDays are day-long educational and networking events to learn about OpenNebula with a hands-on workshop on cloud installation and operation. Join our technical experts from OpenNebula by OpenNebula Systems for a one-day, hands-on workshop. You’ll get a comprehensive overview of OpenNebula.

Some of the TechDays additionally bring presentations from community members and users that focus on:
- Sharing cloud use cases and deployment experiences
- Introducing new integrations and developments
- Describing other related open-source projects and tools


The OpenNebula TechDay events are targeted at
- Cloud architects
- Data center admins
- Systems admins and integrators
- DevOps architects
- Solutions architect


TechDays have a cloud installation and operation hands-on workshop and could also bring presentations from community members and users. All presentations should be related to OpenNebula or related open-source components to build clouds. We only accept presentations not related to open-source cloud if they are given by the host or the sponsors. But, in any case, presentations should provide visionary, technical, educational value and be marketing free, no sales pitches.


These are not-for-profit events, and we try hard to make them completely FREE. OpenNebula helps support OpenNebula TechDays with funding, content and promotion. OpenNebula Systems covers all travel and accommodation expenses of the OpenNebula expert giving the morning hands-on tutorial.

We require the host to provide:
- A room for 25-50 people with WIFI access, projector, screen and power strips for the laptop of the attendees. It is strongly preferred if the attendees can have a table too.
- The host should also cover coffee break/lunch. Alternatively the host should find a sponsor to covered these expenses.
- Local promotion of the event. We actively promote TechDays through all OpenNebula community instruments, and help find speakers from the OpenNebula user community in the area, but the role of the local organizer is critical for the success of the TechDay.


You have complete information about the TechDays organized worldwide in the last two years at

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