2021 Typographics TypeLab presentation proposal
The Typographics TypeLab (typographics.com/typelab) is an informal, multi-day, typographic program coordinated by Petr van Blokland to complement to the main Typographics conference. Like the original TypeLab events Petr co-organized at ATypI conferences in the 1990s, it is a place for people to meet and talk about type and design with an informal structure that allows more spontaneity and interaction than typical mainstage conference events.

Typeface designers Namrata Goyal, Kalapi Gajjar, Zrinka Buljubašić, and Gen Ramírez join Petr again this year to curate, host and moderate TypeLab along with other guest moderators and volunteers.

This year's Typographics TypeLab will be held online and run June 17, 18, 19 around the clock, with participating designers from around the world. The organizing team are inviting you to join in by presenting on a subject related to typography, type, design, production tools, or other related topics.

Presentations will be hosted in Zoom and most sessions will be livestreamed to YouTube and Discord. There will be parallel tracks: TypeLab Asia, TypeLab Europe, and TypeLab Americas.

The TypeLab is entirely volunteer run and will be free of charge to all who participate. By agreeing to participate, you are agreeing to be broadcast by livestream with no compensation. The organizers are working in the spirit of creating a fun, educational event for our global design community.

Proposals must be respectful to the audience. Please avoid blatant advertising of products/services. Proposals will be chosen by the organizing team. We'll do our best to schedule you during your preferred time slot and day that you indicate. Please allow us a few weeks to review your proposal. We'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Finally, please note that TypeLab and any presentations shown there are subject to the Typographics Code of Conduct & Policies found at typographics.com/conditions
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