K4Health Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) Toolkit Update
Under the PACE (Policy, Advocacy and Communication Enhanced) project, Population Reference Bureau is updating the Knowledge 4 Health (K4Health) PHE toolkit.

While we would love to include all of your publications, resources, and tools, we regret that we will need to be selective in which resources are published to the toolkit. The toolkit is NOT meant to be a library of any and all resources, but rather a hub for resources and guidance on PHE fundamentals; program design and implementation; research and learning; and policy advocacy and communications.


1. ALL questions must be answered to submit this form.

2. Resources should be 3 years or newer (published in 2013 or later).

3. Resources should fit into one or more of the tabs as organized in the form below.

4. Please include a link to your resource online.

5. If your resource is not currently available for download, please upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive, and make the resource available for download.

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