Mission Team Application Form - More than Gold
Please complete this form if you are interested in sending a mission team during the Olympic Games 2012.
All forms MUST be submitted before the 1st of June 2012.

1. Team Leader Information
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I will not be able to obtain a Criminal Records Bureau certificate or equivalent police clearance check. I need to complete the More Than Gold Waiver Form.
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Where did you hear about the More Than Gold outreach initiative? *
Name of church or organisation *
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Affiliation/ denomination
Please provide details for the leader of your church / organisation, who can certify your competence as a Team Leader and their trust in the team as a whole
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Contact telephone number (including country code) *
Teams consist of between 5 to 20 members
Expected number of team members (excluding Team Leaders) *
Details of Assistant Team Leader (for larger teams)
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First Name
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Which ministry(ies) would make the best use of your team (please select. You can select as many areas as you like) *
** If you have selected Sport Outreach, please also complete Annexures A
*If you are a Creative / Performing Arts team, please fill this form and follow the following link to complete a detailed online arts form: http://morethangold.org.nz
You will need to fill the Visual/ Performer application form for your team AND an individual application form for each member of the team.
Language Skills
Are you willing to work outside of London.

Part time/Full Time

Specific locations.
Clear selection
If you are already working with a partner church / organisation in the UK for the 2012 Games, please provide the following details

Name of partner church / organisation
Town / City
Contact name
Contact telephone number
Contact email address
4, Accommodation & Travel
Please tick the type of accommodation your team will be using (see the supporting document for details).
If you will be arranging your own accommodation, please answer the following questions
We will be staying at :
Address :
Contact details:
More than Gold is running the 2012 outreach in mainly three blocks. Each block begins with training and ends with a celebration event. Teams can attend one or more blocks. Please tick which block(s) your team would prefer: *
Traveling Information (it it is known already)
Arrival date
Arrival airport or station
Departure date
Departure airport or station
Inbound and outbound carrier
5. Payment
Please refer to section 5 of the supporting document

There are three categories of registration fee:

Category 1: standard registration fee of £75.00 GBP per Team Leader / team member.

Category 2: concessional fee, for those from the developing world, of £25.00 GBP per Team Leader / team member.

Category 3: we are offering the opportunity for you to sponsor a concessional place at a cost of £125.00 GBP per Team Leader / team member. This fee includes the standard registration fee of £75.00 GBP per Team Leader / team member plus £50.00 sponsorship towards a concessional place

Please indicate the number of registration fees you require for each category:

Categorie 1 : number of standard registration fees required:
Categorie 2 : number of developing world registration fees required:
Categorie 3 : number of sponsored concessional registration fees required:
You will shortly receive an invoice for your initial payments (including registration fees), in-line with section 5 in the supporting document.
How to Pay:

Teams from the UK will be sent an invoice from our London Office. Address questions to UK Helpdesk at (+44) 0845 475 2012.

Teams from North America - teams from the USA or Canada will be sent an invoice from our US Office. Address questions to USA Help Desk at (+01) 937 732 4223

Teams from the rest of the world can choose to receive an invoice either from our UK office or US office (for those wishing to pay in US$).
I would like to receive an invoice from *
Signed by : *
Please print name and click CONTINUE key. Application is only submitted after the "SUBMIT" key at the end of the sports section is pressed.
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