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Have a bad idea that you desperately need to share with the world? Here's your chance!

Practice pitching your ideas on September 13th to win HUGE prizes!

1st Place: Huge $1 check
2nd & 3rd Places: $10 Gift card
4th & 5th Places: $25 Gift card

Pitches are limited to TWO MINUTES to make it easier for you and keep the pace of the event up!

Find more detailed rules here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WGEKOsLigb3ksI7k1380gCt7XOsTcjTMCZahlyFtecM/edit

Pitches are accepted on a rolling basis, so apply ASAP!

Find this year's Entrepalooza website here: entrepalooza2018.splashthat.com

Pitches are accepted on a rolling basis, so apply ASAP!
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The more you write, the better handle we'll have on your idea, and the more likely you'll be accepted!
What is the deep fundamental societal problem that your idea will solve???
How will you make 🤑money🤑??
Feel free to upload a draft of your presentation slides, a sample video of yourself, and/or a transcript of your pitch! You don't have to submit these now, but just be sure to email them to startlabs-entrepalooza@mit.edu by Wednesday, September 12nd.
Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis - don't wait to apply!
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