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Why do you want to foster for Salty Animal Rescue? What do you hope to get out of it? *
If you've fostered for another rescue which one was it for? How many animals did you foster for them? What type of animals did you foster?
Have you ever been convicted of an animal felony? *
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Where do you plan on having your foster stay during the day while you're at work? Be as specific as possible.
Where will your foster sleep at night? Be as specific as possible.
How do you feel about crate training (For Dogs)?
Our dogs MUST receive a mid-day potty break when left home for longer than 8 hours (Puppies will need to be let out a lot more frequent). Based on the professional opinions of vets, a dog should go no more than 8 hours without an opportunity to relieve themselves. Just because he or she CAN hold it, doesn’t mean they should. A dog that is forced to hold its urine for excessive amounts of time is prone to UTIs and other complications. If you are away from home for more than 8 hours during the work day, please tell us your plan to ensure your foster dog gets a mid day potty break
Please tell us how you plan on creating a safe environment for both the animal and any children or other animals they may interact with. *
Do all members of your family agree on fostering? *
Who would have the main responsibility of caring for the animal? *
Do any members of your family have allergies to animals? *
Who will be responsible for walking the dog/puppy? *
Are you prepared for an adjustment period while your foster gets comfortable being in your home? Remember we will be working with strays, feral animals and rehoming situations so they may not be perfectly trained. Ex, barking, leash pulling, accidents, chewing. *
Do you currently have any pets in your household? *
If so, what are their age, breed, gender?
Are they spayed or neutered? *
Are they currently up to date on vaccinations (at least the mandatory rabies/core vaccines) *
Do you have your pets on any form of prevention? *
Tell us about your pets. Are they.. *
What vet office do you currently take your animals to? What is their contact information?
Have you owned pets in the past? If so what was their breed, age and gender
Can you tell us how they passed?
Were they spayed or neutered?
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Have your ever surrendered an animal?
What issues do you currently have or have you had with your animals in terms of behaviour? *
Have you ever bred your pets? *
Please share with us any limitations you have with a foster animal Ex, breed preferred to be potty trained, must be small, age, has to be kid friendly etc. *
What size animal can you handle fostering? *
How much exercise can you provide the dog with daily?
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How do you plan on correcting of disciplining your foster? *
Will you have any problems bringing the pet to meet and greets/vet appointments/events?
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How long are you committed to fostering an animal for?
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Are you willing to foster an animal with special needs? Ex. disabled or in a wheelchair?
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Please indicate your experience with animals *
Would there ever be a reason you would no longer be able to care for the foster animal? *
Do you have a problem fostering an animal that needs to be potty trained? *
Would you be willing to foster a pregnant animal?
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Are you willing to foster an animal with behavioural issues?
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Are you willing to work on any basic training the animal may need?
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Do you have any issues following our rules and guidelines when it comes to the care of our fosters? *
Please provide two references including their phone number (Please do not use family).
Are you opposed to a home check?
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Are you opposed to us contacting your current vet to ensure your current animals are up to date on vaccinations and spayed/neutured? *
I agree that if I can not longer foster the animal I will provide Salty Animal Rescue with 72 hours notice so they can find another foster, unless it is an emergency *
I understand that any misrepresentation of the above information authorizes Salty Animal Rescue to deny any application. I understand that if I am given the chance to foster for Salty Animal Rescue, that animal still belongs to the rescue and all decisions for that animal will be made by them only. I acknowledge that Salty Animal Rescue cannot guarantee any animals against parasites, diseases or destructive behaviour. I will not hold Salty Animal Rescue responsible, nor seek any compensation for damages, injuries, fees or other liabilities incurred by the animal I foster. *
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