Seventh Origamisrael Convention Registration Form
Our Seventh convention is on its way!

March 11-14/2019
Nof Ginosar Hotel,
North shore of the Sea of Galilee (

We have five guests of honor and a delightful plan!

The registration fee is 50 Euros for 4 days.
Convention box (optional) - 12 Euros.
Convention T-shirt (optional) - 10 Euros.
Please use this link to pay using PayPal for registration fee, T-shirt and box (change the currency to EUR):

Room reservations and payment for accommodation and meals are made directly to the hotel.
The hotel prices are:
For nights 11 or 12/3/20:
A double room (B&B) - 515 Shekels ~134 euros per night per couple.
A single room (B&B) - 490 Shekels ~128 euros per night.
A triple room (B&B) - 705 Shekels ~184 euros per night.

For night 13/3/20: NEEDS UPDATE!!
A double room (B&B) - 631 Shekels ~164 euros per night per couple.
A single room (B&B) - 590 Shekels ~154 euros per night.
A triple room (B&B) - 872 Shekels ~227 euros per night.

Dinner - 75 Shekels ~19 euros.

Payment to the hotel is done directly by you upon arrival.
Please contact the hotel by E-mail: (Hagar).
Rooms can be reserved until 27/1/20!
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Do you want a shirt?
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