AdRealm Telegram Campaign
We created AdRealm to tackle digital advertising inefficiencies through creating an open ecosystem where we open up our resources and utilizes blockchain technology to create a completely decentralized and untamperable digital ad market. We have a star team and strong partnerships established, as well as strongly backed by investors and advisors including Fenbushi Capital. (official website:

Telegram is an important platform for us to communicate and interact with our community, we will be allocating a total of 5 million tokens for the Telegram campaign. We’ll have different tiers of stakes, PLS READ CAREFULLY:


Budget: 5 million tokens

We've slightly altered our timeline to allow us more time to develop our infrastructure - our plan is to launch our first product on the chain in a few months from now - Given that, we'll be doing a GENERAL AIRDROP to those still following us on Telegram by the time we announce our update.

What you need to do:
1. Follow us on Telegram
2. Pay attention to when we release our Airdrop Form for a specific timeline
3. Fill in the form and receive your ARM tokens

Join us in rebuilding the global digital advertising ecosystem
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