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Every three years, in accordance with General Convention Resolution #1982-D079, the Episcopal Church convenes an international youth event so “that the energy of the youth of the Episcopal Church can continue to be utilized in active ministry as members of the Body of Christ.” Since the first EYE in 1982, this popular event has welcomed thousands of young people from across the Episcopal Church for celebration, worship, learning, and leadership training.

The next Episcopal Youth Event (EYE20) will be held in partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Washington D.C. from July 7-11, 2020 at the University of Maryland. EYE20 is geared for youth in grades 9-12 during the 2019-2020 academic year and adult youth leaders. Applications are due January 29.

Please take your time in filling out the application. Your responses matter most as we go through the application process.
Cost *
We estimate the cost to be around $700 per participant. We ask that each applicant contribute 50% of the total cost to attend. This is not mandatory, but if able, this helps keep the cost down for all participants and ensures we will have a large number of youth attending EYE 2020. If in need of financial assistance, please also consider talking to your church about scholarships as many churches are willing to pay 50% to 100% of the cost for their young person to attend EYE. All information regarding scholarships will remain confidential.
Are you able to attend the entire length of the event? *
July 7-11
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Information regarding transgender/non-binary status on this form will be shared with Youth and Young Adult Missioner, Easton Davis. Choosing to share this information helps us help you with accommodations that best suit your needs.
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If you chose other on the last question, please answer your ethnicity here.
How involved are you within your parish? *
(Acolyte, youth group, Sunday Formation, etc.)
What experiences do you have with Diocesan Youth Events? *
(New Beginnings, Happening, DYC, Hunger Walk, atlSERVE, etc.)
As a disciple of Jesus, what leadership have you taken up in your church, diocese, or at school? *
(served on vestry, served in leadership for a diocesan youth event, FCA, etc...)
How would you describe your faith? *
What areas of social justice matter the most to you and why? *
(racial healing, refugees, environment, LGBTQ+)
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I fully understand the position for which I am applying. I will be able to meet all criteria.
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I will abide by the Diocesan Youth Community Covenant while attending this event.
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