Teaching load and institutional endowments
This is just an informal survey conducted by Terry McGlynn associated with Small Pond Science. I've done absolutely no IRB for this. I'll make one or a few figures, and post them on the blog. I won't make the data publicly available, just in case any participants have concerns about privacy. And this is totally anonymous, I'm not collecting email addresses and have no way to track you.
What is the base annual teaching load for tenure-track faculty in your department? *
How to calculate this for a comparison? A typical semester-long lecture course counts as 1 course. If your counting gets complicated by labs, then let's count each lab section as 0.5 lecture courses. There is huge variation in how lab sections are counted (some places give no credit, some give as much as a lecture, but we can use the 0.5 for consistency)
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What is your institution's endowment? (report as an integer in millions of dollars) *
This is really easy to figure out. If you just google "institution name endowment" then google will tell you right off the bat. Anytime in the last few years is fine.
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What is your institution's enrollment? *
Also, really easy to google. Just use "institution name enrollment."
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Is your institution a Primarily Undergraduate Institution? *
Let's use NSF's definition: "Accredited colleges and universities that award Associate's degrees, Bachelor's degrees, and/or Master's degrees in NSF-supported fields, but have awarded 20 or fewer Ph.D./D.Sci. degrees in all NSF-supported fields during the combined previous two academic years."
Would you consider your campus to be a private SLAC (small liberal arts college)? *
Would you consider your campus to be a regional comprehensive university? *
for example, a non-flagship state university
What's the name of your institution?
I won't share this publicly, and it's optional. It might help me with sorting out the results in ways that I'm not anticipating.
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