GMK Modern Ink Mouse
Made by Leonardodamouse in collaboration with Virtual Design for GMK Modern Ink
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Logitech Superlight - £200 + Shipping
Expected Timeframe: Shipping in January 2022 *
GB will run for a month (until 15th Oct)

There are no refunds/returns - if the mouse is faulty/paintjob is chipped, I will offer to repaint the mouse/offer a replacement. Please contact me if it does not perform like it should.

You can cancel your order while the collab is still going on, should you change your mind.

I am not responsible for any taxes/customs that may occur when the parcel reaches your country.
Pattern & Durability
Each mouse is painted by hand, so it will not be exactly the same as seen in the pictures.
The painted mouse is NOT just for display, you can use it daily.
The mouse is coated with an automotive grade clear coat which protects the mouse. Once cured for over a week, it becomes scratch resistant (not scratch proof) and should be strong enough against drops/hitting surfaces.
The paint will NOT fade with daily use.
Email address for Paypal Invoice *
Country *
Price shown below is the TOTAL you would be spending, not including the switch upgrades option at the end of the form. If you choose 'OTHER', I will charge you the price UPS charges for shipping. Assume that shipping alone is around £55 (so £255). For my friends in Australia who want the UPS option, it is 455 AUD - Write Australia and UPS in the 'OTHER' option
Phone number with country code *
Will be used for the courier only. E.g +1 (734) 930-3030
Upgrades *
All mice come with Tiger Ice Skates (Currently the best skates on the market). Upgraded switches last longer (I estimate 3-4x longer than the stock one - no double clicking), sound and feel nicer.
Finish *
I currently do not have pictures for the mouse with a gloss finish. I will most likely be doing both of them in case you would like to wait to see pictures of those before choosing a finish - that of course means your mouse will be only done after all the gloss/matte orders (those who did not select 'ask me again') have been completed
Your Socials *
Will be used to contact you on instagram/discord/twitter to show you progress of the mouse.
Thank you!
Make sure to use my discord or my instagram for updates:)

Please feel free to contact me for any questions
Instagram @leonardodamouse
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