World Village 2017 Vendor/Exhibitor Application
World Village would like to welcome you to join in the celebration of culturally-rich Boise Idaho!
World Village is a 3 day festival (June 9th, 10th, and 11th) hosted by Global Lounge that will take place at Capital Park in downtown Boise. During the festival guests enjoy art, live performances, eating, and shopping from all over the world.

For more information on the festival please visit *website currently under construction*

Booth/Exhibitor Fees are listed below. Space is limited and booths are juried.

3 DAY 10x10 Space (non-food vendor): $250.00
3 DAY 10x20 Space (non-food vendor): $450.00
3 DAY 10x10 Art Exhibition* or Non Profit* Space: $125.00
3 DAY Food Vendor Space*: $400.00

SATURDAY ONLY 10x10 Space (non-food vendor): $200.00
SATURDAY ONLY Food Vendor Space: $300.00

VENDOR DEADLINE: All vendors wishing to prepare and sell food must apply by May 1st and MUST be able to provide proof of licensing through the Central District Health Dept by May 5th. Any other retail or promotional vendors wishing to purchase a booth space at World Village must apply (and pay invoice upon approval) no later than May 25th.

Vendor will not be allowed to use their own generators during the event. The cost of power for FOOD VENDORS is built into the price of your booth space. If you have a non-food vendor space and would like power the fee is $20 per day. This must be specified in the application below.

*Art Exhibition booths will not be allowed to sell any work at the event. If you wish to sell, you will need to specify a 10x10 (non-food vendor) space. Below. * Non Profit Spaces must be get approval of any items or fundraisers they will be selling at the event. Items sold must be relevant to supporting different cultures and cultural awareness to be considered. *Food Vendor Space will be sized to 1 truck OR 10x10 space. Please be sure to specify what "type" of space and size you will be operating out of.

If your application is approved you will recieve an invoice regarding your booth payment. Please note your space is not officially reserved until payment is made in full. Once paid you wil recieve a confirmation email of your reserved space and be notified of information as needed; regarding a vendor meeting, set up, take down, guidelines, etc...

For any vendor/exhibitor related questions, please contact Brittany Price at
For booth payment and billing information please contact Bonnie Pfaff at

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Once the application is submitting, upon approval, an invoice will be sent and require payment to secure space *
Festival Dates are Friday June 9th, Saturday June 10th, and Sunday June 11th at Capital Park in Boise, Idaho. *
If I am serving food of any kind I will need to be permitted through the Central District Health Dept and licensed through the City of Boise. Failure to be certified by both departments will result in not having a space at the festival. In this event, no refunds will be given. *
All applicants will be juried. Submitting an application DOES NOT reserve a space at World Village 2017 *
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