Kindle Cascadia 2019 Work Trade Application
Submit completed application by November 15th to be considered for a work-trade position. Positions are limited and filled on a first come first serve, experience, and needs basis. Approved work traders receive a half-price ticket ($150 for 15 hours of work).
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Is there anything you can’t do?
Do you have any wellness/medical training?
Do you have experience with similar events? Which ones?
What is your motivation to apply for worktrade? *
Are you bringing children? If so, what ages? What do you plan to do with them when you are fulfilling your daily worktrade commitment?
Please provide a few references we may contact. *
Please tell us about any other offerings you may have for our community.
Thanks so much for your interest in being part of the Kindle Cascadia community! We get many more applications than we have capacity to accept. If it doesn’t work out, we still hope you can come to the event! We generally need organizing help during the year leading up to the event, so consider getting involved!
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