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During the weekends and after 5pm during workdays, we will charge extra costs for the security (€50,- ex VAT per hour) and A Lab staff (€50,- ex VAT per hour).
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We need preferably the time table of your event. For example: 8.30am setup with coffee and tea, 9am start workshop, 12pm lunch, 1pm presentation, 4pm soft drink and a snack, 4.30 breakdown, 5pm end of the day.
How much setup before & breakdown time after do you need? We will include this time in the reservation of the space.
Total number of people attending: Our spaces hold a maximum capacity of 150 people.
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The Coffee Virus ( is our in-house catering for all of our spaces. Below you can find a couple of their easy-to-use catering packages. Yet, they can provide you with every yummy dish or drink you can think of! Dinner, cocktails and even gastronomy menus are possible, the sky is the limit. Note: someone from The Coffee Virus will get in touch with you about the catering offer.
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All of the prices are per piece and excl. VAT.Transport costs (€20,50 ex. VAT) will also be added to the total price.You can give us the numbers on the amount of furniture in the next question
How many furniture items do you need? Please mention each item with a number, like 30 folding chairs + 6 tables
Would you need any other furniture besides this? We can also arrange flowers, a lounge corner, balloons or any other decorations needed
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A Lab is so much more than just an event or meeting location! Next to our amazing spaces, we are also at the centre of an innovative & creative community of 300 A Lab Members (plus our neighbors!) that work in robotics, journalism, sustainability, blockchain, game development, photography, music, art, virtual reality, social entrepreneurship film production, graphic design and much more. Let us know if you would like to meet our community. We'd love to help you find the right people for your event program.Find our Members on
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