WBL Online Application 2021-2022
Be sure you look over the application and ensure you have everything you need and can complete it in one sitting. Please know:
1. Applying for WBL is does not have to be a final decision. It is to get a conversation started. So, don't wait until the last minute. Your schedule won't be changed to accommodate WBL until May.
2. If you have had SIGNIFICANT discipline issues or chronic attendance issues prior to this school year, you may not qualify. Please see Ms. Boyer with questions about your circumstances.
3. Be sure you have asked two teachers if they can provide a good recommendation for you to be in the Work Based Learning Program. I will be soliciting a recommendation from them.
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What grade will you be in 2021-2022 School Year? (Only rising Juniors & Seniors are eligible for WBL) *
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770-xxx-xxx (use dash)
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Type your email address exactly. This should by your student/lunch number @cartersvilleschools.org
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What is your father's first name? *
What is your father's last name? *
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Are you currently a WBL Student? *
Are you presently Employed? *
If you are currently employed OR if you have job lined up for the summer
Provide the following in the space below: 1. Name of the Company 2. Company Phone Number 3. First and Last Name of Supervisor 4. Rate of pay
Do you currently have OR will you have transportation to/from work before the 2021-2022 School Year? *
Each student must provide their own transportation. If you have a different circumstance please describe in OTHER
Do you or will you have a valid driver's license before the 2021-2022 School Year? *
List the first and last name of the 1st teacher you've asked to recommend you for WBL. *
List the first and last name of the 2nd teacher you've asked to recommend you for WBL. *
I have taken the YouScience Assessment *
I am interested in the following WBL placements (you may check more than one) *
Please check all the periods you are willing to consider for Work-Based Learning- Schedules won't be made until the end of the school year and will depend on other classes you are requesting. *
For each period in Work Based Learning, you will need to work 5 hours each week. 3 periods= 15 hours, 2 periods= 10 hours, 1 period= 5 hours per week.
What are your immediate plans after High School? *
Check all of the CTAE (Career Technical and Aviation Education) clubs that you are interested in joining next year. *
Check ALL that apply to you. *
I have taken MORE THAN ONE classes in:
What other courses are you considering for next year? *
How did you hear about WBL? (check all that apply) *
1. Why do you want to participate in the Work Based Learning/ Youth Apprenticeship Program and what do you hope to gain? (Minimum word count is 100) *
2. What kind of career do you envision for yourself in the future? (Minimum word count is 100) *
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