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Thank you for your interest in joining Splendor Club for Rich & Radiant Women by Liz Carroll.

Splendor Club is a Group & 1:1 coaching program for high performing women seeking mentorship and camaraderie while setting and achieving BIG goals. Being rich is more than money we work on our mindset and personal growth for emotional wealth so that we become the most radiant version of yourself at work and home. We shine!

Shining brighter with self-confidence helps you do the necessary work to achieve your big goals. Goals you will never regret like becoming financially independent or deepening your relationships through self-awareness.

Group coaching is amazing because we can often see other people's blind spots before we can identify our own. Plus, it's just more fun to make connections and have others cheering for you along your journey.

We meet twice a month on first & third weeks. It is $97/month with a 6-month commitment. During the six months you will have two 30-minute 1:1 sessions with Liz. You will also be supported by Slack. In addition to meetings there is about 30 minutes of journaling required prior to each session.

Congratulations on investing in yourself. Your future-self appreciates you.
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