Build a Greenhouse Day Event - Ochsner Community Outreach
Ochsner Community Outreach is going from blue to green! We have partnered with Americorps and Bonnabel High school in Kenner to build a greenhouse for their student garden.

Bonnabel High School’s Student Wellness Council is an organization of both Ochsner employees and students focusing on the health of the student body. Students have been cultivating food on campus and have successfully maintained a vegetable garden for several school years. To relay our commitment to this wonderful group of students, Ochsner has committed to building them a greenhouse to enhance their garden. Additionally the walls of this building will be made of recycled type 1 plastic water bottles collected during the school year.

If you have ever wanted experience building small structures like sheds or greenhouses or if you’re just looking for a fun way to give back to your community, jump on this one day event and get your hands dirty! The school has given us permission to build on Saturday, July 15th. The students have been recycling 100’s of bottles in their last months of school to make up the clear walls for the project, so if woodworking isn’t your thing just grab some scissors and cut bottles in the shade with us!

Arrive at Bonnabel High School at 9 AM on Saturday, July 15th

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