NLSJ Intensive Scholarship Application
It is our greatest desire that all persons who want engage Nonviolent Leadership for Social Justice be able to do so.  As part of our commitment to ensuring class diversity, we do not want access to funds to be the only barrier for attendance. This is even more important given the extreme economic uncertainty many are experiencing as the result of COVID-19’s impacts on society.

We welcome and encourage creative problem solving. We would like to be in dialogue with each person interested in attending our sessions to see if we can identify a combination of financial assistance, fundraising, and payment plans that would enable your engagement.

Some of the factors that go into our decisions with respect to financial aid are:
  - financial need
  - potential for utilizing an NVC diversity consciousness toward social change
  - offering NVC to diverse communities, including commitment to working with currently underserved populations

Submitting applications for financial assistance as early as possible helps us to assess need and available resources.

About work-study: We don’t have a budget for work-study as such. We award financial aid based on need, and request assistance from those who are willing to assist our work in ways that they would enjoy. Such contributions of time and effort, which are made both by people who receive financial aid and those who don’t, play a major role in keeping our costs down and increasing the amount of money available for financial aid.
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Basic Information
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Mailing Address
Please briefly describe what makes the possibility of participation in the Nonviolent Leadership for Social Justice community’s offerings meaningful for you.
Tuition (i.e. stipends for trainers) for the intensive is offered on a sliding scale from. What is the total amount that would be sustainable for you to contribute towards your attendance?
Economic Need
Please briefly describe...

Your personal and household income for last year and expected income for this year. We understand that your expected income may be difficult to discern at the moment but this helps us understand where you’re at.
The number of your dependents (if applicable)
How are you currently and in the long term impacted by Covid-19?
What other sources for funding have you explored? (For example, employers may subsidize trainings, personal loans, or gifts from family or friends, credit card, grant, etc.)
Are you willing to work out a payment plan to help cover the costs of participating in Nonviolent Leadership for Social Justice offerings?
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Are you open to doing fund-raising activities, with support? (This might involve personal fund-raising among your family and friends for yourself and/or assisting with general fund-raising for the scholarship fund.)
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Is there anything else about your economic situation that you'd like for us to know?
Sharing the Work
What are your intentions or current activities related to sharing NVC, especially among populations not already reached?
In what areas of social change are you working or intend to work?
Previous Training
This is asked because it may reflect a greater involvement/commitment to NVC and social justice work, although we recognize this is not always the case.
What NVC trainings have you attended?
What Social Justice-focused trainings have you attended?
Is there anything else about your relationship to NVC and social justice that you'd like for us to know?
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