Honorary Fellowship nominations 2019
An Honorary Fellowship is the highest honour that the British Science Association can confer on to an individual.

Each year, a small group of individuals are selected by the Honorary Fellowship committee based on the nominations received. The Committee then advise the Council of the British Science Association of its suggestions. Council makes the final decision on who shall receive a fellowship that year.

Successful nominees (and their nominators) are then informed and asked to keep the information under embargo until the announcement has been made.

If a nominee is unsuccessful, both the nominee and their nominator are informed as well.

The following criteria need to be met in order for a nomination to qualify:

• Nominations must demonstrate the nominee’s contribution to the BSA’s overall vision and aims, which could include working directly with the BSA’s programmes or separate from it.

• Self-nomination for a fellowship is not permitted.

• Nominators must declare any conflicts of interest e.g. if the nominee and nominator are related or work together.

• The nominator cannot be anonymous. The nomination will not be permitted.

• All sections of the form below must be completed for the nomination to be considered.

Nominations must be received by 1 March 2019.
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