Library Leader Job Application
 check in books;
 locate books for fellow students;
 shelve books;
 are assigned a shelf to keep in order;
 create displays to get other students excited about reading;
 help with many other projects needed to help keep our library running smoothly.

2. Only fourth and fifth grade students can apply to be a LIBRARY

3. Every LIBRARY LEADER must fill out this application completely by
September 20. The application will be reviewed by Mrs. Darwin
and your classroom teacher. Only students who display ACES Expectations in
the classroom and in the library will be scheduled to work.

4. We will meet once a month before school (8:00-8:45, dates TBA) to make plans for the library, create displays, and promote books.

After you submit an application, Mrs. Darwin will talk with your teacher and send home a permission slip for your parents before putting you on the schedule. Good luck!
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