PortConMaine 2017 Craftsmanship Competition Entry Form
This form is for entry into the Craftsmanship Competition, with judging occurring in five-minute slots on Saturday morning, June 24th. The costume must largely handmade, and awards are given to the creator of the costume. There are 20 slots available for sign-up prior to the convention, and 20 available at the convention during cosplay sign-ups on Thursday and Friday. We will email you about your time slot the week of the convention. At that time, please respond with a reference photo or picture for the judges. Thanks for joining our competition!
Image credit to the lovely Sierra!
The full name of the person who made the costume.
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Preferred Name
If different from your real name.
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Please double-check to ensure accuracy!
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Cell Phone Number
So the judges can contact you if they have further questions.
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Character & Character Series
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Entry Level
Remember: Novice is someone who has never won an award; Journeyman is someone who has won 1-3 awards; Masters have won 4+ awards. Prop is for getting just a prop judged.
Creation Description
In a few sentences or a paragraph, describe how you went about making your costume.
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