NYorks TSG 17/18 Application
Please fill in the following form to join the NYorks Computer Science Teachers' Support Group.

There is an option for a one off fee of £50 to anyone not coming to a TSG to give them permanent access to the Eduqas NYTSG folder of resources on Google Apps. Just complete all sections apart from section 5. Please see resources at http://www.gr8computing.com/eduqas-computer-science-9-1-gcse/

There is now an option to pay for 2 hour blocks of my time to support you with TSG Materials or Computer Science teaching and learning.

£100 or £75 for TSG members - TSG 17-18_01, Thursday 21st September 2017 

Full details of TSGs here www.gr8ict.com/nyorkstsgdates.

Terms and Conditions:
- booking deadline is a week before the course (will need to confirm numbers for food, set up wifi access etc)
- after completing this booking form you will receive a confirmation message, and a joining email and invoice one week before the event.
- Refunds cannot be given since the booking will still go ahead

TSG 17-18_01, Weds 13th September 2017 – location: Malton School. We will go through the newly published Component 3 (NEA) to agree a solution together.

TSG 17-18_02, Weds 31st January 2018 – location: Lady Lumley’s School. Component 3 (NEA) Moderation. Everyone to bring a marked low/medium/high version of 2018 NEA student work to moderate.

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YO23 2QR

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Only complete section 5 if applying for TSG meeting.
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You should be emailed within 2 business days. If not, then please email me on googleforms@gr8ict.com. Thanks, Chris.
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