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You’ve got a great wall that could use some colour? You’d like to have an Up Here mural in your neighbourhood? We are looking to grow our list of potential mural locations around Greater Sudbury for consideration by our artistic team.

Since 2012, we’ve focussed of the downtown core in order to create a nice density of urban art within walking distance of each other. We are now ready to expand our reach. We are looking for Sudbury’s best walls.

Once our artistic committee has finalized the muralist selection for the festival, we present to them options and match them up with the most fitting walls or locations. The final selection really comes down to the artist, what they want to do and where their work will have the largest impact.

Our desire is also to create a public list of potential walls that both Up Here muralists and community artists can consult to encourage the independent creation of new murals all over Greater Sudbury. If you would like your wall to be shared with other artists, please make sure to give us permission at the end of this survey.

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Is this a Public or a Private wall? *
A Public wall is on public property (park, road, retaining wall, school, etc.) whereas a Private wall is on private property (business, parking lot, private retaining wall, etc.)
What type of surface is the wall? *
Big flat walls are ideal.
Is there a power source nearby? *
Ideally, within 50 meters of wall.
Is the ground in front of the wall level? *
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You can propose a wall for consideration without necessarily owning it, but if you do own it, we'd love to know!
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Up Here murals are made possible in large part thanks to wall owners contributing to the creation of the mural in the form of a sponsorship. Contribution amounts vary depending on the wall size and the artist calibre. Let us know how much you would consider contributing towards artist fees, wall preparation, paint supplies and equipment.
Why is this wall important to your community? *
Briefly tell us why your wall should be considered for a mural by Up Here.
Any constraints or theme ideas?
We give carte blanche to artists as much as possible. Doing this tends to give the best results. This being said, some wall owners might have a constraint or theme idea that they'd like artists to consider. Tell us what you have in mind!
Do you allow Up Here to share your contact info with other artists so they may contact you directly with mural proposals? *
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