Weekly Reflection #5
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What is on your TODAY list? *
You may have a to-do list a mile long, but what are the tasks that you absolutely must get done today? Know what's on it.
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What is on your calendar today? *
What activities and practices do you have today? Do you have any time reserved for yourself or is your entire day already booked?
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What do you need to bring with you? *
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What is your number 1 task for the day? *
Simply put, what is your single most important task today. If you get only 1 thing done today, it will be this task. (Hint: Do it early and get it done.)
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What is one task that you could do today that you wouldn’t have? *
Sometimes you just can’t get going. So do one low energy task. These extra steps make all the difference to feeling productive, which turns into being more productive.
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What do you think you will be doing that you shouldn’t be? *
What are you doing that should be on someone else’s plate? Maybe it isn’t your task, or perhaps it is something you should be delegating.
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Where will you waste time today? *
You probably know where/when/what you will waste time on today. Think about this in advance. What can you do to avoid these time wasters?
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What will you learn today? *
If you are not learning each day, you are becoming obsolete. What will you learn during the course of your day?
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