Shipping and Inventory Manager Job Application
USiA is hiring a Shipping and Inventory Manager to assist our manufacturing and distribution operations. It is a salaried, full time position with health and dental benefits. The Shipping and Inventory Manager will be in charge of:
- Preparing USiA items for shipment following a variety of different protocols.
- Overseeing all shipping to customers and receiving inventory and returns to USiA.
- Keeping and organizing detailed accounts of our inventory and knowing manufacturing operations well enough to keep stock of materials and parts filled.

USiA is looking for someone who is able to keep track of these manufacturing routines and support the work of our facilities. Someone who is detail oriented, good at organizing information and handling stock rooms, and is able to provide our products with attention and care for the customers that will receive them is perfect for this job.

Address: 1600 Railroad Ave, St. Helens Oregon 97051
📞503-366-0212 ☎️ 800-247- 8070 🖨 503-366-0816 💻
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