Tracing the investments patterns
This questionnaire is designed to collect data and identify the investment patterns of different age groups in India.This survey is just for academic purpose and will be used in a research analysis based on investment pattern. Hence, you are under no obligation to accept the suggestions provided by the questionnaire.
Your answer
Age group
What is your occupation?
Which of the following best describes your knowledge on investments ?
How do you make your investment decision?
What proportion of your income do you invest?
Rate your investment plan based on Risk factor (5=Very High Risk, 4=High Risk, 3=Moderate Risk, 2=Low Risk, 1=No Risk)
No Risk
Very High Risk
Rate your investment plan based on Return factor (5=Very High Return, 4=High Return, 3=Moderate Return, 2=Low Return, 1=No Return)
No Return
Very High Return
What is your investment horizon?
Where do you prefer to invest in?
Which type of organisation you prefer to invest in?
What is your expected return from the investments?
What is your primary investment scope?
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