WRYC Junior Counselor & Potwasher Application - UPDATE; as of 5/11/18 all potwasher positions are filled & just a few JC's spots are still open. Waitlist for Potwasher's.
Fill out this google form in full. We fill positions on a first come, first serve basis, and what fits the camps needs. On occasion we will use someone more than one session to fit the camps needs, but it is not guaranteed that we will take everyone or use you more than one session. Please be understanding and know that we will contact you if we need you more than one session. All working decisions are determined by the camp director and its at his discretion when, who, and how much someone works in the summer. All decisions are based on what the camp needs session by session. Every session has different needs based on the sessions enrollment.

Junior Counselor - Must have completed your junior year of high school, and attend at least one session as a camper.

Potwasher - Must have completed your freshman year of high school, and attend at least one session as a camper.

Papa Beene has determined these appropriate ages based on his 22 years of directing and will only allow a change in them based on the camps needs session by session. These needs are determined by him solely; every decision is thought out and made on a week by week camp needs basis. Please be respectful when proceeding with inquiries about these guidelines.

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