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South Pontotoc Elementary Parent and Family Needs Assessment
When I walk into the school, I feel the school is inviting and that it is a place where parents "belong."
The school's policies and programs reflect, respect, and value the diversity of the families in the community.
Students at the school are treated fairly no matter what their race or cultural background.
The school keeps all families informed about important issues and events.
The school makes it easy for families to communicate with teachers
The school communicates with families in multiple ways (e.g., agendas, email, phone, website.)
I can talk to the school prinicpal when I need to
My child's teacher communicates with me on a regular basis.
It is easy to get a translator if I need one.
My child's teacher keeps me well informed about how my child is doing in school.
Do you receive adequate information from the school on what your child is learning?
Do you receive adequate information from the school on what your child is learning?
What would be the best way to inform you about school events?
Would you like to have materials sent home to assist you in helping your child learn at home?
If yes, what type of materials would you like to receive?
Our parent meetings are called "Parent Parties." Please indicate any type of special session or workshop (Parent Party) you would like to have offered by the school to help you.
What would be a good use of funds to help parents?
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