@itsfide Promoter Application 2023-24
Welcome to Fide!!! Here, we promote parties for the AUC, Atlanta, and Greek life. Major benefits include constant job opportunities, photoshoots, scholarship opportunities, and more. Think this is for you? Come be a part of our family at Fide.
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With our promotion brand, we do record a few of our events and post the recap footage on our Instagram. As far as group photoshoots go, WE DO NOT HOLD LINGERIE/HIGHLY PROMISCUOUS SHOOTS!!!! We may make that an option for our ladies, but we will NEVER force anyone into an uncomfortable situation or put them in a light that does not reflect who they are. Our team gets lit, but we are ALL scholars and business first. For group shoots do you give us permission to have you on camera? (If no, we have behind the scenes positions for you to fill)
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